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Photo courtesy of YASI

Here‘s the setup at the Conservatoire in Québec.  Yamaha Canada’s laptop is connected to the large screen so that everyone in the audience can see the iChat screen:


Chantale playing in Québec......:


..... while I’m watching her hands on the Macbook Pro and hearing her play on the Disklavier in New York. Notice that the keys are moving while Chantale is playing!:


The Remote Lesson using the Yamaha Disklavier is truly the next generation in piano teaching.  By removing the constraints of distance and walls, pianists who (for financial, physical, or scheduling reasons) hitherto did not have the opportunity, are now given easy access to play for anyone in the connected world. 

Photos in New York courtesy of Yamaha Artist Services.

Photos in Québec City courtesy of Yamaha Canada.